creating a style guide high school work

Creating a style guide 10%

We will view styles for different occasions and create a guide.

Knowledge /10

Choose 5 categories on which to give fashionable advice and arrange them in logical order, with proper headings. Some choices are:

  • Seasons
  • Casual, formal, sports wear etc.
  • Gender neutral
  • Men’s
  • Children’s
  • Business
  • Meeting the queen
  • Or another idea

Application /25

Each section needs to include a photo with proper citation, and a short write up about the style. Have a list of do and don’ts for each section.

Communication /10

Finally, you will give advice on one of the 5 areas, such as hair, nails accessories, taking care of garments, body type etc. /5 Use more than one website to make sure your advice is up-to-date and correct also check your grammar /5.

Thinking /15

Have a reference list for all sources used in correct format /5

Check that photos have been cited correctly /5

No information is copy but put into your own words./5