crime and criminology

crime and criminology You need to read Hogg, R & Brown, D 1998, Re-thinking Law & Order, Pluto Press, Annandale, pp. 18-42 Then choose one newspaper article Identify two of the common sense elements that are described by Hogg and Brown and which are evident in the newspaper article you have selected Write a mini-essay (500 words). In your essay, you are required to: a. explain, in your own words, two of the commonsense elements of law and order thinking identified by Hogg and Brown. b. demonstrate precisely how these two commonsense elements are evident in the newspaper article that you have selected. c. Make sure your mini-essay contains an introduction and a conclusion. d. Include a reference list which properly references both the selected newspaper article and the Hogg and Brown readings at the end of your mini-essay.

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