Criminal Injustice today in America!

This project will allow you to exhibit your mastery of the information learned in the class and explore a topic of interest in more depth. While you can build on work that you have already completed in the class, these assignments should contain original content (i.e. no copy and pastes of earlier papers/work/etc.). This paper should bring new information to light and not be a summary or repetitive discussion of what we’ve learned/discussed in class. Complete a traditional research paper on a topic that you would consider a “criminal injustice” in today’s American criminal justice system. The topic should be something that is currently affecting policing, courts, and/or corrections and could be considered “unjust.” The two books we’ve read in class No Place on the Corner and Punishment Without Crimeare two examples of criminal injustice (from the perspective of the authors). The first author claimed that the use of stop-and-frisk is unjust based on racial and social inequality. The second author claimed that the overcharging of misdemeanors unfairly disadvantage certain groups and lead to more economic and social inequality. (You may not use either of these topics for this paper because we have already discussed them in class. However, they are examples that can help you as your brainstorm.) The paper should be 1,500 –2,000 words (approximately 6-8 pages) with 1-inch margins all the way around, written in Times New Roman 12 point font. Again, no information from the previous assignments in this class or others should be cut and pasted into this paper. All work needs to be original. (Note: This paper is essentially a review of the literature on a given topic, which you will use to formulate your own argument. You do not need to collect your own data in the form of surveys, experiments, etc.) Your paper should include the following: A clear introduction with a strong thesis statement A section outlining your topic and why it could be considered an injustice. o This should focus on issues of inequality that might stem from race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. This is where the sociological reasoning should be clear. Clear information on how this issue is related to today’s criminal justice system in America. The paper is not about crime generally. It’s about the criminal justice system (policing, courts, and/or corrections). Two to three clear and identifiable main points that are well-supported. A discussion of the impact this issue has on society and/or specific groups in society. A clear conclusion that wraps up your main ideas. All papers will be graded on the following: Quality of information and discussion;  Originality of information and discussion; Relationship to the class and focus on the American criminal justice system; Sociological approach;  Effectiveuse of at least five scholarly resources from outside the class, which are correctly cited in-text and included in a reference page using APA or ASA citation; Grammar and overall quality of work.