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Reading and Podcast Reflection Questions:… (transcript provided in attachment for podcast)

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After completing the weekly readings and podcasts write brief responses (i.e., at least several sentences) to the 6 questions concentrating on one of the assigned readings or podcasts for the corresponding week. Be sure to number your responses.

  1. What is the main point of this reading or podcast?
  2. What information did you find surprising? Why?
  3. What did you find confusing? Why?
  4. How does the reading or podcast connect to other assigned material in the week?
  5. How does the reading or podcast connect to other class material?
  6. How does the reading or podcast connect to your personal life?


cjs 2 lecture in attachment

watch the film, “Slavery by Another Name.” After watching the movie, answer the following questions.

  1. What comes to mind when you consider the film’s title, Slavery by Another Name?
  2. Scholar Adam Green notes that, “Reconstruction was an attempt to create a country in which it would be possible to have a biracial and equal citizenship.” In what ways do you think that Reconstruction accomplished this goal, and in what ways did it fall short?
  3. The end of Reconstruction ushered in oppressive legislation – such as the pig laws and vagrancy codes – that unjustly targeted African Americans. How did these laws criminalize black life and aid in the rise of the convict leasing system? Are there any laws now that you think unfairly target certain groups?
  4. This film is centered on the fact that our individual histories are part of a bigger shared history. What does shared history mean to you? How can we better engage with this larger, shared history in addition to our own personal histories?