You are to select a specific case associated with computer or cybercrime. As part of the assignment, you will include a description of the issue that you have selected and a brief statement of why it was selected.  A clear definition of the crime category along with an indication of computer crime/cybercrime must be addressed. You must also include a list of at least four (4) references (in proper APA format) that are DIRECTLY related to the case you choose.  Here is the format: o A brief summary of your case study o Characteristics of the cybercriminal(s) and victim(s) o Motivation/causation of the case with two (2) criminological theories o Conclusion  In addition, you need to precisely define the type of crime based on the selected case.  When you use the initials, such as FBI, CIA, NSA, you need to write the full name at the beginning of the sections or chapters.  Do not use “Wikipedia,” “,” or other similar Internet sources at all.  Use the proper “headings.”  “Cover page,” “Abstract,” and “Reference” pages are NOT included to the required page numbers.  Do not have unnecessary space between paragraphs.  Include a minimum of five (5) reference lists among which up to three (3) can be Internet-based sources (e.g., newspapers, professional magazines, etc.). Please find academic journal articles, government reports, other legitimate written materials. I will provide the references and articles to get the information from.