critical essay

Description Weight: 35% Length: 1500 words Due: Upon Completion of Unit  Instructions: Select a topic from one of the three domains of everyday culture listed below. A genre of popular music that you are familiar with (country and western, rock, blues, hip-hop, rap, etc.) A recreational activity that you are regularly involved in (either as a participant or as a spectator, i.e., “fan”) A reality television program that you have access to and that interests you One of the new social media (e.g., Twitter or Facebook) Discuss your choice in a critical essay which includes: A clear thesis backed by supporting argumentation. A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed scholarly sources from outside of the course materials, which are referenced in the body of the paper and listed in a properly formatted bibliography or works cited page. ( must be sited in MLA format). Please also use references from readings within course material as needed. Good critical analysis of the topic. All written assignments submitted for credit in Cultural Studies 201 will be evaluated based on the following general criteria. Content: Ideas should be logically presented. The essay should include: an introduction that describes the topic, specifies your position in a thesis statement, and may include a brief overview of what is to follow; a body that develops your argument and provides evidence to support it; and a conclusion that summarizes the content, restates the thesis statement, and may suggest broader implications. Style: The essay should be clear and succinct. Avoid wordiness and repetition. Use an appropriate academic tone as well as inclusive language whenever possible. Avoid jargon, buzzwords, slang expressions, and pretentious-sounding inflated language. Grammar and mechanics: Proofread and edit carefully to correct any errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Format: Follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) style guide in formatting reference lists and citations. For help on using MLA format go to the OWL at Purdue ( or consult the Athabasca University Library to find a range of writing resources, including the Athabasca University Write Site. Hoping to score an A+ due to the weight of this assignment. Its the final paper. Got an A- on the last one. Lost a few marks on MLA format for citation but was very well written!