Critical health problems Custom Essay

Critical health problems Custom Essay

Critical heath problems Suicide is an act of intentionally causing someone his or her own death.

Suicide is mostly committed out of desolation the cause of which is frequently caused by mental disorder such as depression, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, hopelessness or drug abuse. Stress factor such as economic difficulty and interpersonal relationship also plays a role in suicide. Sexual assault may bring up personal stress which leads to depressions resulting to someone committing suicide.

Now, recent studies from the World Health Organization (WHO) on environmental health paints a bleak picture for the survival of children born in underdeveloped, developing and developed nations worldwide due to the real possibility of kids being harmed by overexposure to the earth’s environment. As expected, the situation is bleaker in 3rd world and developing countries as children born into these vicinities are exposed to elements dangerous to their positive development.

Critical health problems Custom Essay example,

In 2014, the WHO reported that approximately 6.6million children under the ages of five die every year from a combination of factors such as poor health care, congenital diseases and yes, environmental factors.

The study went further to state that a third of these deaths are due to the state of the environment health and could have been prevented if exposure to hazardous environmental elements were eliminated which indirectly points their death to human practices.

This statistic raises the question of if humans truly contribute to a third of the current child-mortality rate due to their practices and the following paragraphs will attempt to answer this question.

Asthma has been given the notorious tag as the number cause of death in children under the age of 5 and this respiratory condition is in most cases caused by the quality of air a child breathes in.

And the air our children take in has been contaminated by emissions from automobiles, pesticide, lead and other harmful elements human everyday activity produces. Landfills have also been attributed to producing its own fair share of pollutants thereby adding waste disposal to the list of things harming the environment.

In conclusion, the solution to drastically reducing the child-mortality rate lies in our ability to be more accountable on how we work and leave our lives both indoors and outdoors.

Going green in manufacturing factories, the integration of recycling policies and participation of the world’s government in ensuring sustainable environments will be important in solving the current child mortality rate the world witnesses.