Critical Thinking Paper

 Description Critical Thinking Papers: Write a critical thinking paper on a substantive article on a drug- or alcohol-related topic (same or different topics). Using sources from the following, professional journal (print version in the library or online access), 2. a newspaper/magazine, and 3. a government or trade publication. Please Do Not Use New York Times OR Washington Post. paper should be two-page, double-spaced and include five sections, clearly identified with headings: (1) Title and Reference; This is the title of the article/publication in APA format. (2) Summary; General overview of the article itself and the content it covered, (3) Messages and Audiences; what is the primary message the author is trying to communicate and to whom is that message targeted, (4) Critique; provide a critical review of the article—what could be improved and what is done well, and (5) Personal Reaction; what are your personal thoughts on this topic and article.