Critically Analyize Ethical Challenges: Post Truama Victimes in Norway

Order Description APA paper “ On 2011 a 32-year old Norwegian man killed 85 people in a youth camp in Norway. This event caused chaos and sparked global attention where the country was looking for humanitarian assistance for the survivors and families in shock. With this real work situation in mind, critically analyze the ethical challenges that an international psychologist may face when working for an individualistic based-culture company as the professional enters a collectivistic culture to offer humanitarian aid to assist the communities impacted by the trauma caused by the violence suffered (Norway is considered a collective culture). I need seven references. Of those seven, make sure to include these three: Fields, A. (2010). Multicultural research and practice: Theoretical issues and maximizing cultural exchange. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 41(3), 196“2010. Comas-Diaz, L. (2012). Humanism and multiculturalism: An evolutionary alliance. Psychotherapy, 49(4), 437-441. Ponterotto, J. G., & Grieger, I. (2008). Guidelines and competencies for cross-cultural counseling research. In P. B. Pedersen, J. G. Draguns, W. J. Lonner, & J. E. Trimble (Eds.), Counseling across cultures (6th ed., pp. 57-72). Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

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