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Cyber threats are a very tough enemy to attack, due to the fact almost every American has access to the web. It is such a broad platform it will be extremely difficult to completely defend. Training employees, colleagues, and partners cyber security principles definitely needs to be part of the plan. Some of the challenges that may be faced while doing this would be employees trying to plug in personal USB drives to government computers along with personal CD’s. I’ve seen it happen before even after we were all told not to do it. Another aspect that needs to be included in the plan is encouraging everyone to change their passwords on a regular basis. I’ve had my Facebook account hacked at least three times, and I don’t really even use it. This taught me to start changing my passwords every few months. Additionally, requiring an individual account for each employee using the intranet will also be in the plan. This will help reduce the amount of confusion for employees, and make the information held a harder target to get. Furthermore, physically controlling who touches what computer in a workplace is important also. Some system needs to be in place, so you know exactly who is utilizing what computer and when they are using it. The plan will make firewalls and virus protection mandatory for any computer that contains sensitive information/ intelligence. Also, it will be encouraging backing up important information so if it gets wiped out it can be properly restored. For the most part this plan shouldn’t be a challenge, but some employees will bring personal items on government or corporate computers that contain sensitive information and put the whole Country at risk. The only way to combat that is to explain the importance of it, and to hold the people accountable who don’t abide by the rule. Keeping passwords updated can also be a challenge, because you run out of ideas after a while. I believe a way to fix this would be to encourage everyone to think of their favorite numbers and letters while changing the order it was in each time, they change the password (Capacity Corner, n.d.).

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