Cross-Functional Team Presentation And Evaluation Memo

Description There are 2 pieces to this project The First part: A Power Point presentation for 2 Dimensions of Healthcare : 1 Patient experience of Care dimension 2. Health populations They need to use the link that is shown in the instructions and get information on the Maimonides Hospital and Bayridge/Dyker Heights area. I am requesting the same writer that had written about this area before on another paper for me. I was also very satisfied with the writers PowerPoint slides. Only 3 slides for each dimension and the writer must have written in notes within the PowerPoint what each slide is about. They must follow instructions about PowerPoint. Extremely important. The second part can be broad but must follow instructions in terms of it being in Memo form. No more than 1 page answering the questions on the section in the instruction. The writer can state within the memo that, On a personal note, I have had a wonderful experience and that my team communicated by email. All instructions on the instruction sheet must be followed, Recheck for proper grammar usage.