CSC00240 Data Communication And Networks

CSC00240 Data Communication And Networks

CSC00240 Data Communication And Networks


  • Scalability – company plans to increase employee by 15% in next 12 months;
    • Remote Access- employees have access to company resources from both company and home (different servers);
    • Performance – network performance must be high
    • Security – protection of company information and other IT assets
    • Flexibility- network should be flexible enough to create logical grouping as required.
    • Availability – wireless network access is available in all employees as well as some outdoor areas for software developers and employees You are free to make as many assumptions you wish regarding the existing organizational structure including management hierarchy, business requirement, etc. which will need to be documented in the appropriate sections of your report.



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The aims of your report (what you intend to cover) – goals, purpose, background & scope

May have sub sections

1.1 Aim of the report: Aim of the project is to develop a logical and physical network

1.2 Goal: To Improve The Communication In Wireless, VoIP

1.3 Purpose: Increase the scalability, remote access, performance, security, flexibility and availability of system functioning

1.4 Background: uSoft HQ is located in a 6 storey building with proper floor planning. The company has different sections in different floors and also has 2 different branches that is controlled by the HQ itself.

1.5 Scope: Scope of the report is to develop an efficient network planning

Organisational Description

This section contains a general description of the organisation, including your assumption about the business activities and future growth.

2.1 is a private biomedical software organization that has its own branches all over the Gold Coast Region. The company’s local area network will be performed with the help of the topology that is initially set.  The company has been ever developing and this is the main reason that the projection of redeveloping of the HQ’s existing LAN must be done in order to support the functioning of the project in a better manner.

2.2 The HQ has a total of 6 departments, namely the software development section, solution design is also a sector of the HQ. Customer support, Sales, Finance, Human resources are the departments that are functional in the commencement of the project.

Analysis Of User Requirements (Requirement Engineering)

As per business and technical goals, this section describes and organises user requirements (make any assumption needed if you wish about the user groups, location, application, etc.)

May have sub sections such as:

3.1 Mobility Requirements: due to the fact that the has 2 different branches and 1 HQ, mobility is very important. This leads to the fact that the management of the undertaken project will require wireless technology in completion of the tasks

3.2 Security requirements: Implementation of the control access and firewall will be enacting beneficial for the With the help of these security techniques can perform their functionality in an efficient manner

3.3 Bandwidth requirement: The Ethernet bandwidth must range from 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps

3.4 Application requirement:  the application that will be setup must be having high robustness as per the security cooncern

3.5 Remote access requirement: Remote access requirements are one of the main aspect of The fact that the functioning of will be performed with the help of the data management from the HQ. This management of the entire data system is performed from a single office.

  1. Logical Design

This section contains all aspect of the proposed solution in details with justification.

Implementation of the Tunneled Connections in the will help in sending data in a private manner over the digital platform. With the help of the VPN service encapsulation, data transaction is performed. This leads to the fact that the data that are transferred do not leak the personal data of the sender. This helps in increasing robustness in the security of the

With the help of proper implementation of the firewall in, the main advantage that is received includes isolation of the computing system. Firewall helps in selection of the ports. This ensures the fact that the management of the project will be better performed. will also gain benefits in this section as the usage of internet will get more secure.

Access control is the technique that decides the permissibility of the data access. Access Control ensures the fact that the risk assessment can be performed in a better manner. This leads to the fact that the data that are stored in the data base of will stay protected and accessing of unauthorized personnel will not be allowed. This security system uses the personification of identity of the personnel who can approach the data, this will help to realise the imposters who are present and function accordingly. CSC00240 Data Communication And Networks

With the help of the Antimalware system, the min advantage that will be enjoyed by is that they can stay protected from the viruses that might be present. With the help of the antimalware system, with different branches and several computing system introduction of Malware can harm the functioning of the This might affect the processing of beneficially conducting of the business. This is the main reason that the management of the requires better management of the system.

With the help of the implementation of the DMZ, gets benefitted as the DMZ isolates the public server of the organization from the other LAN services. In case unauthorized access to the organization is checked in and the issues that are present are discarded.  With the help of DMZ, easy route to the LAN system is closed and this is the main reason that the processing of the entire system is performed with compromised server setting. These are the main reasons that will be benefitted on using the terminology of the DMZ.

4.2   Wireless Networks this sub-section describes and justifies your proposed solution such as location and no of APs, subnet, security, etc. 

The mobility of the networking system is very important in processing of the project. This ensures the fact that the management of the project will be performed with the help of the wireless networking system. As there are 1 HQ and 2 branches of the office. This ensures the fact that the management of the project will get easier. Hence the productivity of will get better. Robustness of the wireless network is also comparatively high and hence this will affect the in a better manner. Even in cases of disasters that might occur, people in different branches and the HQ can communicate with each other. With the help of the usage of the subnet system, the main advantages that are present includes improved speed and network performance. With the help introduction of the subnet by the, a single broadcast packet is used for sending the data to the each and every device present.