CSC00240 Network Design For USoft Headquarters Expansion

CSC00240 Network Design For USoft Headquarters Expansion

CSC00240 Network Design For USoft Headquarters Expansion


Your task in this assignment is to propose and document
Requirement engineering (The analysis of user requirements for the company HQ’s local area network (LAN))
A logical design for the HQ LAN
An IP address plan for the HQ LAN according to the proposed design
Network diagrams
Ass 2 is a basis of your design. The three routers form the core in what is known as a campus design. Ass 3 now takes you to a standard industry design which uses this campus design. We add (in the right place) network devices such as firewalls to protect the network. WiFi is a necessary part of a modern network. As the HQ is connected to the branch offices, you will need to show how the HQ is connected to the branch offices. Your textbook has this information shown as Best Practice Design for LAN (campus).
There are two ways of presenting a network, the logical view and the physical view. Please read the CCNA chapter 3 in Resources which describes these two viewpoints. You will need to make both a logical and a physical diagram of the HQ network based on the network shown above with the three routers. This is your network diagrams mentioned in the rubric below.



In the following report, user requirements regarding network expansion and implementation are documented side by side analysing the Local Area Network (LAN) of headquarters. The headquarters of the company uSoft is undergoing an expansion and the associated networks are also to be affected.

Having conducted the necessary calculations to provide network accesses to all endpoints of the expanded network, diagrams are created detailing the logical representation and physical orientation of the final network. A handful of assumptions has been made after summarizing the requirements for the propped expansion of uSoft headquarters. The discussion begins with by shortly describing the work of the company after which the report dives deep into the requirements based on the floor plan and talks about securing the network and other details in the logical design. With the calculations sorted out, physical and logical network diagrams are provided and concluding notes are mentioned. 

Organisational Description

A global software provider, has been in the business of providing custom solutions for institutes in the biomedical engineering field for over 30 years. Its low-code development platform enables modelling of ideas in a simplistic manner. Its solutions and services help organizations in taking educated decisions, managing privacy and biometric authentication (Schindelin et al. 2015).

Analysis Of User Requirements (Requirement Engineering)

Branch Number of Employees Servers Number of connections Number of floors
Headquarters 70 9 70*2(PC+IP Phone) + 9 = 149 6
Branch1 13 2 13*2(PC+IP Phone) + 2 = 28 2
Branch2 13 2 13*2(PC+IP Phone) + 2 = 28 2
HQ to B1     2  
HQ to B2     2  
Total     209  

For the complete network, the major network is used to create a total offive subnets. These five subnets in combination facilitate the networks uSoft headquarters, branch1, branch2, HQ – branch1 and HQ – branch2 respectively.

Assumptions Taken

The complete network is secured by a state of the art enterprise grade firewall solution which is set up at the company headquarters.

For every branch, the number of devices which include PCs and IP phones is thought to be 28. The total employee count is 13. These employees are placed in six departments across 2 floors of the building of each branch.

All the devices of the branches as well as the headquarters use Wireless Area Networks (WAN) to connect to the network through the wireless access point present in the floor.

The servers are connected directly from the switch with Ethernet cables.

The main router of the headquarters connects to routers of the branches with the help of two dedicated switches.

The complete network is secured by a state of the art enterprise grade firewall solution which is set up at the company headquarters.

Individual PCs and IP phones are further secured via corporate security applications.

To ensure mobility of work each employee is assigned an IP Phone. There are 70 employees in the headquarters so the number of IP phones for headquarters are 70. Similarly the two branches of the company having 13 employees each have a total of 13*2= 26 IP phones.

The complete network is protected by an enterprise grade Firewall solution which is installed in the company headquarters. The firewall provides a security cover for every network component including routers and switches. Apart from that every device from PC to IP Phone is further secured through anti malware application packages.

The company network is allocated a class B IP address with 1022 assignable IPs. The minimum total network bandwidth is chosen to be 2000 MB/s.

The mandatory applications that need to be installed are SOPHOS security for the firewall, Nod32 antivirus for security application on individual devices, VMware to facilitate virtual access along with built in windows application – Remote Desktop.

Remote access is carried out in two ways. In every office and on each floor wireless access points are set up. This helps in accessing the network components and execution of administrative actions on the network remotely. Individual client devices are also remotely accessible through the remote desktop application while VMware helps in establishing miniature virtual LAN connections among selected group of devices.

Performance Requirements

The performance of the network is expected to meet the accumulated load of all 209 network components simultaneously at any given time. The bandwidth of the network is chosen to meet the above criteria with decent internet speeds at peak load.

The networks for each floor of the offices of the company is internally segmented and admins continuously exercise the Quality of Service (QoS) technology to manage the data traffic in the network by setting priorities on the various types of data.

CSC00240 Network Design For USoft Headquarters Expansion