culminating paper

Part 1: Begin with a summary of the strengths finder and values exercise.

  • Reflect on how your top five strengths (from assessment completed in the textbook) can be used in your future career – include all five.
  • Consider what is most important to you as you set goals for your post-graduate plans.

Part 2: What have you learned as you chart your course for the future?

  • What you learned from the course & events and how it enhanced or changed your career direction.Include conclusions from your class assignments, research on industries and organizations, and informational interviews.
  • What activities did you select as part of your career track, and why?Reflect on each of these activities and provide specific examples of what you learned.
  • What kind of internships/pre-professional experiences will help you to make your decision? Identify at least 2, be specific.
  • What skills do you need and how will you gain these skills (coursework, certification, etc.)?
  • What employers/organizations would you most like to work for, and why?Your target list should include 5-10 examples.
  • What should be included in your portfolio to demonstrate you have the skills, experience, and knowledge to enter this field?

Part 3: What are your next steps?Have they changed since the beginning of this course?

Here are some addition information have you develop this paper(Follow the instruction):

Part 1 the 5 strengths is in the GallupReport.PDF File.

Part 2 basecly This course is a class that help you bulit your Communication skill to apply future job. in case you don’t know what excatly happened in the class I would say just focus on Part1 and 3 with a liitle bit part2 content.

So here is some my information I’m a businees administration student intersted in marketing, and for the future I will back to China to apply a job. for example bank worker or Financial company ewmployee(No idea now)