Cultural Anthropology

 Unit 1 Topic Essay This essay is designed to increase your knowledge and provide you with extra studying material for your Unit 1 Test. Throughout Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4, we learned and discussed a lot about culture, societies, research, theories, and anthropology as a whole. Below are four questions that explore our important Unit 1 question, What is Anthropology? These questions will encompass a deeper understanding for what we have learned. Explain your answers for all of the questions and write your essay as one flowing paper, do not break the questions up into sections. Try to stay away from using specific examples from the text, use the knowledge you have acquired from the lessons and discussions. Use your critical thinking skills to incorporate one questions answers into another by using complete sentences. This paper is 2 – 3 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 size font Time New Roman. Answer the following questions: • Why should we study anthropology? What are its goals and how is it useful? • Would it be adaptive for a society to have everyone adhere to cultural norms? • What advantages and disadvantages do anthropologists have in trying to understand human beings and their disposition? • Anthropology surrounds us daily, why do you believe people are unaware of this? Why are people, culture and society disconnected? • How does a culture and/or society impact a restaurant, festival, concert, sporting event, etc. in a community? *you do not have to answer these questions in the order you see them, you may answer them in any order you like.