Data Description ( dataset related to smart cities).

Description Please make an offer for 2 pages-1.5 spacing paper.  Look for any dataset related to smart cities and download the data. In 2 pages, report the download process, where you found these data (e.g. a portal, news blog, data library, etc.), and describe the dataset. Explain your interest in this dataset, what might you use the data for? Be sure to provide a full citation of the dataset. You are welcome to use screen captures and they will not go against your page count! The following is a list of ideas to help you write this short report, but do not limit yourselves to these: Who produced the data and for what purpose? How are the variables defined? Dates? Format? Geographic extent? Was there a manual, dictionary, or methodological guide? Any limitations with these data? Was there a cost? What rights do you have to use these data? Do you trust these data and if so why?