data science and big data analysis 6

Need a detailed document with screen shots . also need an update once every task is completed.

while doing the tasks discuss project issues and any other implementation related issues that you faced.

1 Converting Excel to *csv format
2 Research for “Load” command to load tables into HIVE tables
3 Moving files over HDFS via ‘scp’ command
4 Creating DDLs into HIVE
5 Loading Data into HIVE’s tables
6 Installing HIVE drivers on local laptop
7 Installing Tableau including connectivity testing
8 Data modeling & Analytics including:
1) Understanding data provided
2) Undertanding tables relationships
3) Risk factor modleing ( equation )
9 Data modeling within Tableau
10 Creating charts in Tableau
11 Creating dashboard in Tableau
12 Creating slides for final project
13 Logistic & Linear Regression ( Driver’s behavior predictions)