Deadly Force and Police Accountability

full and numbered 10 pages in length (no shorter or longer than this and not including tables, figures, notes, or references) (2) typewritten, double-spaced with 1” margins, number 12 “Times New Roman” character, and 22-24 lines of text per page with over 3,200 words in total (3) without grammar, spelling, or typing errors (4) with a list of references and a cover page (indicating title, date, class name and number, and your full name) following the paper text (5) expected to introduce your topic in the first paragraph and assert your conclusion in the last paragraph Following headings: I. Introduction (Half Page) II. Main Issues (1.5 Pages) (Outline the main issues of the chosen topic including but not being limited to its history and current situation.) III. Analysis (4 Pages) (Analyze the related theories, politics, and laws of the chosen topic on the grounds of the United States.) IV. Suggestions and/or Recommendations (3 Pages) (Address your policy recommendations of policing and police are relevant to your topic in the context of the United States.) V. Conclusion (One Page) VI. References