Deal Gone Sour

Deal Gone Sour

Deal Gone Sour Attention Curtin University; One of your students with the log in details below ordered for an essay from our company but has failed to pay us.

As a result we have decided to report this student to you for disciplinary action, we recommend expulsion from University because the student has engaged in academic plagiarism. usename: BC301Summsch2013 password:bc301ss2013 My Account Identity First name Business Capstone 301 Email address; Last name:BC 301 “ Summer School 2013 Below is the assignment which we took 48 hours to write only for the student to fail to pay: Number of sources: 7 Dead-line: -3 days remaining (30/1/2013 at 12:56) Topic: Video Business Case Report Type of document: Case Study Academic Level:Undergraduate Number of Pages: 4 (Double Spaced) C

ategory: Business VIP Support: N/A Language Style: English (U.S.) Allow night calls: No will upload files: No Writing Style: Chicago Email: Phone: Malaysia “ 60-0109716337 (mobile) Order Instructions: Topic: Video Business Case Report our case: (u should login and see the case video) usename: BC301Summsch2013 password:bc301ss2013 Business Capstone Multimedia Cases“Vishay Intertechnology Asia “ Case Declining Market, Asia Growth Strategy [requirment] ¢

A brief introduction that summarizes the issue and its importance ¢ A set of realistic alternatives ¢ A set of criteria that can be used to choose among the alternatives ¢ A solution to the issue derived from the alternatives ¢ A justification for the chosen solution as well as a justification for each alternative not chosen as a solution based on the selection criteria ¢ A conclusion that highlights the favoured solution ¢ Where needed, a series of logical steps to be followed to implement the chosen solution along with a discussion

A discussion of the managerial and financial implications for the organization of adopting the chosen solution and (if needed) implementing it. ¢ Communication of these ideas using appropriate paper formatting, accurate spelling and grammar as well as clear and concise writing style. ¢ A list of references along with appropriate citing of references in the body of the report. ¢ As an appendix, a description or discussion of the process used by the students to create a solution refer to Summary of Requirements for Video Business Case Report This assignment is divided into two parts: Part 1: Video Business Case Report (<500 words, 10%) A)

Issues Provide a brief introduction that summarises the main ˜Issues’ of the case. B) Causes Identify the ˜Causes’ of the ˜Issues’ and their importance to the organisation being critiqued. Part 2: Video Business Case Report (<1,500 words in total, including 300 words for the Executive Summary, 35%) Incorporate feedback on Part 1 into the final version submitted. C) Decision Criteria As decision makers students will be expected to develop and use decision criteria to justify the choices among the ˜Alternative’ courses of action. D) Alternatives From the decision criteria, develop a range of realistic alternatives to address the ˜Issues’ identified. E) Solutions Decide on a solution to the ˜Issues’ derived from the ˜Alternatives.’ For each ˜Alternative’, provide a justification for the solutions chosen or rejected. F) Implications Provide realistic suggestions on how these ˜Solutions’ could be implemented in the organisation concerned