Death penalty and human rights and social justice and legal perspective

“Death penalty and human rights and social justice and legal perspective” Paper details: “Abolition of Death Penalty, Upholding Human Rights and Social Justice – Legal Perspective in India” 1. Write in British English 2. Follow the latest of APA Style of referencing, checking for that all references cited in the text are cited in the reference list and vice-versa. 3. All ideas and quotes used in the article must be properly referenced. 4. Should contribute to innovation, questioning of assumptions, and controversy and debate. The writer should give creative impetuses for academic scholarship and, where appropriate for applications in education, policymaking, professional practice, or advocacy and social action. 5. Ensure that the research is technically sound. 6. Thoroughness of foundation, as documented in a comprehensive, fair, and critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature that situates the research meaningfully in relevant contexts. 7. Consistency of research goals and objectives, rationale and purpose, and research questions. 8. Suitability and creativity of the methodological approach in light of the research questions. 9. Quality and rigor of research design, sampling, data generation or measurement, and analysis. 10. Consistency of inferences and interpretation, insightfulness of discussion, adequacy of conclusions. SHOW LESS