Define Feminism. What is PostColonial Feminism? What role does religion play in women’s struggle?

Define Feminism. What is PostColonial Feminism? What role does religion play in women’s struggle? Provide examples from the readings, lecture and videos. 500 words minimum You can pick from any of these sources or anything you want Center for Constitutional Rights. Judge Throws out charges in “Los Angeles Wight” Case. October 23, 2007. The Electronic Intifada. 2007. “Charges dropped in 20-year-old US case against Palestinian activists”. October 31, 2007. Weinstein. Henry. 2007. Final two L.A. 8 defendants cleared: After 20 years, U.S. drops efforts to deport men accused of ties to Palestinian terrorists. November 1, 2007. Shehadeh, M. (2002 Dec 03). The Latest New War on Terrorism. Counter Punch, 1-11. Chambers, B. (2016 June 15). Palestinian Community Leader Rasmea Odeh Moves Closer to a New Trial. The Chicago Monitor, 1-4. Cole, D., and Bennis, Phyllis. (1996). Ten Years of the Los Angeles Eight Deportation Case: Interview with David Cole. Middle East Report, (202), 41-44. Cole, D., and Dempsey, J. (2002). The Investigation and Attempted Deportation of the Los Angeles 8. In Terrorism and the Constitution: Sacrificing Civil Liberties in the Name of National Security (41-56). New York: The New Press. Watch: Michael Shehadeh: This is My Tale (AHSVIDEOPRO: 7 mins). Outstanding Community Leader Rasmea Yousef (Chicago Cultural Alliances, 2013: 6 mins) USA versus Sami Al-Arian (Line Halvorsen, 2007: 100 mins) Democracy Now. 2007. The Case of the L.A. 8: U.S. Drops 20-Year Effort to Deport Arab Americans for Supporting Palestinian National Rights. November 2, 2007. Reitman, J. (2016). Inside GITMO. Rolling Stone, (1252), 46-57. Zevnik, A. (2011 July). Becoming-Animal, Becoming-Detainee: Encountering Human Rights Discourse in Guantanamo. Law and Critique, 22(2), 155-169. Harlow, Barbara. 2012. “Resistance Literature Revisited: From Basra to Guantanamo” in Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics. Fink Sheri. 2016. “Even Nightmares Are Classified: Interrogation’s Shadow Hampers Mental Care at Guantánamo.” New York Times. November 13, 2016. ACLU. 2017 August 17. “CIA Torture Psychologists Settle Lawsuit”. ACLU The Political Committee of Solidarity (2014) “From Ferguson to CIA Torture Cells.” Solidarity. December 17. “Who Are ‘We the People’?: If corporations are legal ‘persons,’ why aren’t Muslim detainees?” Eric L. Lewis. New York Times. October 5, 2014. Watch: Life after Guantanamo: Exiled in Kazakhstan (Vice News: 31 mins). Read: Abdulhadi, R., Alsultany, E., & Naber, N. (2011). Arab and Arab American Feminisms: An Introduction. In R. Abdulhadi, E. Alsultany, & N. Naber (Eds.), Arab and Arab American Feminisms: Gender, Violence and Belonging (xix-xxxix). Syracuse: Syracuse University Press. 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February 9, 2018 “Women in Islam”: Panel Discussion at Richard Oaks Multicultural Center, SFSU. October 12, 2012. Read: Meari, L. (2014). Sumud: A Palestinian Philosophy of Confrontation in Colonial Prisons. South Atlantic Quarterly, 113 (3): 547. Harbury, J. (2005). The Fall of Abu Ghraib. In Truth, Torture, and the American Way, 1-27. Boston: Beacon Press. The U.S. Prisoner, Labor and Academic Solidarity Delegation to Palestine. “We Stand with Palestine in the Spirit of “Sumud”. March 24- April 2, 2016. Seymour M. Hersh. 2004. Torture at Abu Ghraib: American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the responsibility go? May 19. 2004. Watch: Aljazeera. Abu Ghraib: Justice Denied. Abu Ghraib: A justice denied As a court rules that crimes committed by US corporations abroad cannot be tried in the US, what are the implications? 29 Jun 2013 14:51 GM POV. Attica Prison Riot – William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe . POV on PBS. June 24, 2010. Political Prisoners in Palestine (Joanne Barker, 2016: 1 hour and 45 min) From Pelican Bay, Guantanamo and Palestine: Prisons, Repression and Resistance, Teach-in, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative, San Francisco State University, May 2013. [Sahar Francis Lecture 0-1:55:30] Israeli Military Detention: No Way to Treat a Child. April 9, 2018. Brad Parker, No Way To Treat a Child Campaign, September 13, 2017. Report back from members of the Academic and Labor Delegation to Palestine 2014- Part 1 (AMED SFSU, 2014: 1 hour)