defining a problem relevent today using the book fahrenheit 451 and 3 articles mla format

Using Fahrenheit 451, define a problem in the novel that is still a problem today.You are not giving your opinion; you are putting into a conversation the novel and three other voices that help define the problem.Your essay should reveal the complexity of the problem.

Context and background

  • Whom does the problem affect?
  • How long has it been an issue?
  • What are the current debates about the problem, and what do you think is missing from them?
  • What will be the consequences if the problem is not resolved?
  • Whose will benefit from resolving the problem (e.g. the management of an organization or future researchers)?
  • Does the problem affect you?
  • Are you empathetic to the sufferers?Why and how?

use the articles i provided and FOLLOW the requirements, i have provided also the problem from the book in the file “draft question”


  • 1000-word essay
  • Works Cited page with three articles and the novel.
  • What is the pathos and logos of the problem?
  • Introduce the problem, define the problem with the novel and your sources, and lastly make sense of the problem, define it, in your own words.