Definition and Categorization Custom Essay

Definition And Categorization In her poem œThe meaning of Happiness, Pauline Oliver wrote: As I pondered the meaning of happinessI sat and thought awhileThe outwards signs are clear enoughSparkling eyes and a beaming smile And inwardly how can one tellOr gauge this emotion intactFor it blends with many othersTo me that is a fact Joy, Pleasure and EcstasyAs friends together bandDifficult to separateFor they go hand in hand. (quoted in HYPERLINK œ After reading the snippet of this beautiful poem, I closed the book and started thinking to myself œWhat is the meaning of happiness for me. To my surprise, I was clueless. Being awe-struck made me realize I had to think more clearly about this, so I grabbed a pen and a notebook and started jotting down everything that defined happiness for me “ in the truest sense.

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