Definition of Pride Custom Essay

Definition of Pride The definition of the word pride depends on the perspective that one takes. According to me, pride is having a high opinion about oneself and accomplishments. However, when one demean others mainly because of their failures or incapacity, then pride takes a negative sense. In other words, pride can be positive or negative depending on perceptions given to it. Pride can be very constructive only if one doesn’t allow himself to be overtaken by egoism which gives pride a negative connotation (Williams and DeSteno, 1008). Pride brings a feeling of greatness to a level that is higher than colleagues. Pride can be good but it can also be destructive. A proud person feels that he or she belongs to higher caliber as compared to his friends. Such a person will many times look down upon other people. Such kind or pride is very destructive. Pride will make a person to create a public image that is very high in order to protect his or her true self which may not be as high as projected. A proud person thinks that other people belong to a lower class.

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