Describe a personal experience that shows how you will contribute to Gallaudet’s diversity

ESSAY QUESTiON: Your academic interests, personal perspectives and life experiences will add much to Gallaudet's diverse community. Describe a personal experience that shows how you will contribute to Gallaudet's diversity.

Why now? Few years after high school, I was used to be the kind of person who dislike attending schools or doesn't like to learn any educational subject. As of myself, I thought of life consume without further academic education is capable of achieve, but it isn't guaranteed. As I was wandering different schools with their learning environment as well as the social environment including culture, social rules and norms. I had met the locals that taught me their rich experiences and struggles they had been through. It made realized that obtaining primary education will lead to better outcomes. Not only that, I received a lot of positive advices, tools and faith to prepared me for education in all my life. there's only one life that have opportunity to do whatever for our best
I raised with the father figure mostly of time. I'm African-American, flexibly athlete with greatly smile, and potential of energy. I'm planning to major in physical education, wellness or relevant to health education as well. I would like to teach the people to be aware of their health, especially obesity in the United States has been a major health issue.
Also, born with hearing loss when my mother couldn't accepted me as Deaf in awhile.
My family are one of families that plunged into this country of freedom from Asmara, Eritrea in 1990. The life there in Amara were too strict with access limitation of the internet, independent media banned, and deprived or lacked the education for Deaf communities. This is mainly the reason why I was not able to reach my families in Asmara even though I do wish to reconnect with my roots and would be my first attempt to connect with each other. They are in everywhere: Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabic, Egypt, and huge family are in Washington, D.C. That's what I love about Gallaudet's diversity is being capable onetworking and form connections with them in the future. As of a Gallaudet's diversity, is suits me to be involved in Deaf communities, organizations, sports, and as such as well.
Gallaudet is the place where I can start my motivation and pick up the rest of my education to pass it on into nowadays. They desired me to be thrive the future in our first generation is beginning
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