describe an experience

1 – Explanation: Describe an autobiographical experience that you have had with a non-human creature or some aspect of creation. In one two pages, explore the encounter and how you felt in the midst of it. I wrote about cats a lot, but this could be anything: an animal, an inspiring landscape, the terror of the ocean, or the awe of the night sky.

2 – Analysis: Explore in one or two pages what you think was spiritually or existentially happening in the encounter and why. E.g., was this an awesome encounter with the beauty of the natural world itself, which is imbued with spiritual potency and power? Or do you think you encountered a numinous reality beyond materiality—a divinity, or God? This is not a research paper but try to explain a bit why you take your position and reference the chapters you read from Encountering Earth.

3 – Construction: Explain how this experience changed you spiritually or ethically or both. Alternatively, consider what such an encounter might mean for your relationship with creation or creatures as a result of the experience and how it might shape your morality in the future or how you think it ought to shape societal structures more in the future. You should make use of one of the categories of the Catholic Social Tradition that you have been reading about in the second half of the semester (reference to the CST course pack will suffice to demonstrate familiarity with the concepts: e.g., Dignity, the Common Good, Economics, Labor, etc.). Again, take one to two pages to do this.