Describes Boolean Search methods

Selects a policy needing updating (by interacting with appropriate team members such as Preceptor, Nurse Manager) (5 points)
Appropriately searches for current evidence in the literature (20 points)
• Describes Boolean Search methods (10)
• Includes how articles / guidelines were chosen (10)
Evidence includes current research findings (20 points)

Synthesis of the literature / evidence is evident in policy revision (30 points)
Final revised policy in APA 6th ed. or hospital required format (5 points)
Presents policy revisions to class (20 points)
• Prepared and shows clear understanding of the topic (5)
• Speaks clearly and uses good eye contact (5)
• Vocabulary appropriate to audience and in complete sentences without extraneous words such as: ‘and uh’ or ‘you know’, etc. (5)
• Able to answer questions posed by classmates on the topic (5)

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