design elements please before you take the question make sure to have the book because i don t have it

Required text

Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual: Understanding the Rules and Knowing When to Break Them, Timothy Samara, Rockport Publishers, 2014, ISBN# 978-1-59253-927-7.

Read pages 236-245 and answer

Q1. The vast majority of designed works–printed, interactive, and environmental–are ___________ in nature.

Q2. In the Charles Chocolates packaging the imagery is hand-drawn, linear _________ that change in shaping and rhythm.

Q3. Figuring out what goes where, in what order, and how it should be arranged from an informational or experiential standpoint is the first task at hand when __________ content.

Q4. __________ can be understood as a kind of cadence or “timing” a viewer will apprehend from one part to another, as well as the degree of dynamism or activity they perceive.