Devil Wears Prada Response Paper

 WMNST 175 Devil Wears Prada Response Paper Question: The Devil Wears Prada has been considered a “love letter” to the fashion industry; it’s also been said to be a “toxic expose” of the fashion world. Ultimately, what do you think Lauren Weisberger is saying about women’s fashion in the novel? How are readers supposed to view this world? Notes: Make sure to thoroughly support your point of view by: 1. Referring to specific scenes relevant to your opinion 2. Using at least 4 quotations drawn from the novel, properly formatted 3. Anticipating and addressing obvious problems in your argument 4. Remembering that Andy herself (our guide to this world) changes her mind about fashion many times – so how does this impact what you are saying? Movie? Yes, you can indeed include scenes from the film in your discussion – but remember that it’s different than the novel in many ways. The bulk of your response needs to be drawn from the novel.