Digital advertising [Web banner]

PROJECT #3: WEB BANNERS Students will create two banners (one horizontal, and one vertical) to advertise their product. Using their established marketing strategies, and campaign direction, these banners will compliment their overall marketing strategy. Each banner should be individually posted in Canvas under the appropriate link. Dimensions should be: Landscape Banner: 468 x 60 – Long and skinny Facebook Advertisement: – rectangle for easy design Each posting should be accompanied by a narrative (word document) that describes what websites these banners will be posted on, for how long, and at what time of the year. Students should provide rationale for each statement, supported by referenced material. Landscape Banner / Facebook Ad 20 points Narrative describing activation strategy 30 points Effectively connects target market with brand with sport 30 points Consistent with advertising campaign 10 point Format / size / file type (submit each image as a Jpeg, or submit all as a Keynote/pwp 10 point 10% of total grade TOTAL 100 points