Digital Economy

Digital Economy Choose a topic relating to Digital Economy which you are interested in and carry out a literature review. Assignment Guidance ? Important Points ? Before commencing this task, you need to consider the purpose of the literature review. The best way of achieving this is to imagine that you are completing a whole Research Project (with aims and objectives). For example, if the title of a research project was ?B2C Online Pricing Practices and Potential Impact upon Firm Reputation and E-Consumer Trust?, then the literature review would discuss different ideas/ opinions relating to on-line pricing, e-consumer trust and any linkages between the two. ? For the review to be useful it needs to be reasonably focussed. For example, rather than reviewing e-marketing literature you could focus on one a particular area such as e-coupons. Similarly, rather than reviewing e-government literature, you could focus upon trust issues in e-government. ? It is essential that I agree all topics before you start your review

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