Discovery Earth

Description First introduce yourself (YOU ARE AN ANTHROPOLOGIST) your name is Willow Greenspan. Write the story as a first person. Briefly recap the disaster that befell Earth in 2050 (a huge asteroid struck earth) Once human Inhabitants and some animals and plants were saved nothing has lived on the plant for centuries. Life from 2050 is a story from long ago. Scientist have determined Earth can now support live and you are part of one of the first teams of social scientist to walk the earth in search of clues to the kind of life that was left behind 1000 years ago. People want to know what life was like. You gather your first clue from fossil record and artifacts. you must know interpret these.What do they say about life in 21st century Florida? What animals were living in this area? What did people do for recreation? What are some of your initial conclusions about life at home, at their place of worship, and school? You can write in the format of one consolidated report after returning to your vessel or you can choose to write your report as a log using multiple entries on various days while your science vessel orbits the Earth. Conclude the report with some speculation about hopes for your future findings on your next visits to Earth.