Discuss the development of the Monarchy and/or the birth of nation-states.

 Description Discuss the development of the Monarchy and/or the birth of nation-states. You may consider the changing ideas of authority, centralization of nation-states, male and female rules, cooperation /conflict of Church and State power, independence movements and the struggle of sovereignty, and even the enhancement of national power in England and France during the Hundred Years War. From Anglo-Saxon Slave Girl to Frankish Queen (p 233)–Chapter 7 The Capitularies of Charlemagne (p 238) Chapter 7 The Graphic History of the Bayeux Tapestry (p 262)—Chapter 8 A Declaration of Scottish Independence (pp 346-7)–Chapter 10 Seals: Signs of Authority (pp 338-9)–Chapter 10 The Condemnation of John of Arc, 1493 (p. 379)Chapter 11 Writing Your Paper Here are the same details you needed to write your First Primary Source Analysis Paper! You MUST integrate at least TWO primary sources in the Textbook If you are not sure what a primary source (vs. a secondary source) is, here is a great Library of Congress resource: Using Primary Sources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You should consider this format: You should have at least a five-paragraph essay. Two-three pages (675-1000 words). 12 font, (Times New Roman, Arial are usually best) Inch-wide margins double-spaced no MEGA-Breaks between paragraphs Steps to Writing Your Paper Have a solid introductory paragraph with a thesis sentence. How Do I Write a Thesis Statement?Preview the document Refining Thesis StatementsPreview the document Create a great title that reflects your thesis Have at least THREE supporting paragraphs, each with a distinctive portion of your thesis argument. Each argument must contain specific details from the textbook Make sure to use primary sources as part of your evidence And a good conclusion or, even a MAGICAL conclusion (or, at least a semi-magical conclusion). Not sure how you are doing?