Discuss the role of Government, multinational corporations and civil society in this industry

Question : Fiji is a developing country with a major textile manufacturing industry. Discuss the role of Government, multinational corporations and civil society in this industry. Discuss the various perspectives of this issue for small business, corporations, government, and civil society in establishing safe working conditions for employees. Using Steven Lukes power framework, examine how power is manifest in this industry and the kinds of power various players adopt. Ultimately, who is responsible for worker safety, and how can this be reconciled with civil and human rights?

This assignment is an analytical essay, not a report. The assignment should present an argument (make a point) in relation to the issue.
• You should use appropriate theories in your essay drawn from relevant peer reviewed journals.
• You should aim to convince the reader of your viewpoint by synthesis of pertinent information about the issue, with reference to the industry and government interactions, presenting facts, logical arguments, and issues gleaned from relevant sources.
• It is not possible to explore ALL aspects of the situation. Make a decision on what you will discuss, that is, what you consider are the important issues and justify your position with reference to facts and examples.
• Students should carefully evaluate the reliability of their information sources and students should analyse and evaluate information gleaned from various sources.
• The essay should be written in prose; no dot points tables etc.
• All sources of information must be consistently and comprehensively referenced
using standard Harvard or APA referencing systems.


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