discussion 10 30

question 1: I’d like for you to write at least two marketing opportunities that seem unique and interesting to you (audience traveller niches of special note that you may only get from reading, or at least skimming, these and thinking carefully about opportunities). Basically, whom would you pitch Sri Lankan tourism to? Be creative.

 Also write what you think are the two or three greatest barriers to overcome to growing Sri Lankan tourism. Again, read these items and don’t feel obliged to list only the most obvious issues.

Then for question 2) (very short!) I’d like for you to also read the following short items on tourism and Kazakhstan, also one of the Asian nations which we are spending a bit less time on. Nevertheless, I think you may enjoy the articles. I’d like for you to merely give your reaction to the articles and the point that they bring up. What do you think about this in terms of tourism marketing? What do you think may be important to learn here? For other locations?