discussion 3380

discussion 3380.

1. What does Metroplan Orlando do? Provide at least one specific example.

2. What does a planner do (Alex Trauger)? What does Mary Ann Horne do?

3. Discuss two observations that caught your attention about Ms. Horne, Mr. Trauger and/or Metroplan Orlando.

4. Recently you completed an introduction about your strengths and weaknesses (remember the Myers-Briggs and Strengthsfinder?). Discuss if you think you would like working in this field (planning) based on your strengths and weaknesses. Be specific about why and refer to those strengths and weaknesses.

5. What effect does growth have on the planning for a city/region? Give two specific examples.

Then, within five days, contrast your observations with one other student.

While length is not critical, thoughtfulness about your responses is important. You must post before seeing other responses. Those who enter the discussion without posting their thoughts will receive a zero on the assignment.

Students not in class may write a three-page paper on Metroplan, what it does, how it is structured, and attempt to answer the questions above. Follow-up with a response within five days. Must use APA.

discussion 3380