discussion 3878

Q1–Mini Lecture Major Muscle Groups

Watch this short lecture on the major muscle groups.


open this link

Read and or follow along with this handout: major muscle groups.pdf

Submit “DONE” in the text box.

Study for the online quiz next week

I send you file

Q2—Quick Pyramid Workout!

Here is a workout for you for the week. It is short but sweet! Pyramid workout of only four exercises. The second video is a nice stretch. Enjoy! Once you have completed the workout submit a quick summary of how you feel.

https://youtu.be/ICMjH-2cxAU (Links to an external site.)

https://youtu.be/684YNNp_9yA (Links to an external site.)


Do any 30-60 minute workout on your own. Walking, jogging, a video at home, or one of our past workouts. Submit in the text box the day, time, mode (what exercise you did), and how you felt. Have fun moving your body!!! Stay healthy,

Note please no need to send me any pioctures