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9. There has been an abrupt change of fortune for two families with children. One, an upper-class family has suddenly lost most of its wealth. The other, a lower-SES family, has recently become unexpectedly wealthy. How might these economic changes influence the educational experiences of the children in these families?

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6. Parents at an elementary school back-to-school night wanted to know why ELL instruction was occurring in their son or daughter’s classroom and wouldn’t it detract from learning for other students? How would you answer those parents?

It is reasonable for parents to be concerned and wonder if their child will be distracted or put on the back burner when there is a student with (a) English Language Learner(s) in their classroom. For a teacher, it is always important to reassure parents and promote the learning for all. Almost definitely I would assume this student would have a paraprofessional or aide in the classroom to specifically help the English Language Learner student. That being said, this student would not constantly be interrupting class because they have an aide that can assist during lessons. Not only will your child have the same education and opportunities as before, but now they even have the chance to learn about a different culture or language. Our schools will always do the best the can to assure every child succeeds and I am confident your child will continue to achieve great academic goals alongside their peers.

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20. Should all teachers be required to take a course in teaching students with exceptionalities? If so, what should it contain? If not, why is such a course unnecessary?

I do believe all teachers should be required to take a course in teaching students with exceptionalities. I say this because you learn so much, not only about how to teach students with exceptionalities but all students. All students learn differently and a teacher needs to help teach every student the way they learn best not the way the teacher thinks they will learn best. It also prepares teachers to teach with the best support towards students with exceptionalities. It would be an awful thing to put a child with exceptionalities into a classroom with a teacher who was not prepared because it can lead the child to feel they are not in the right classroom that will help them be most successful.