discussion post 5 man 3503

Chapter 14 and Chapter 25

Select ONE of the bullet point topics from the list below related to the chapters covered this week. Only one bullet point needs to be addressed, not one from each chapter. Using the textbook and at least one credible reference, explain the topic to the class. You can use Word, PPT, images and other tools that will enhance the learning experience.

Chapter 25

  • Locate one scholarly journal article about EFA from the SPC Library and provide a summary of the article.
  • Explain Strategic Risk Management Framework
  • Define and demonstrate Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)
  • Define and explain the use of TVaR in risk management
  • Explain the intended use of EFA identified in the chapter and provide an example outside of the chapter.
  • What are the shortcomings/limitations of MPT?
  • Discuss the four types of informational processing errors.
  • Discuss the four types of behavior biases.

Chapter 14

  • Select three of the following risk categories. Provide definitions and examples.
    • Strategic Risks
    • Insurance Risks
    • Market Risks
    • Credit Risks
    • Liquidity Risks
    • Operational Risks
    • Reputation Risks
  • Identify and explain Zurich’s Business Resilience Tools


  1. LENGTH: 400-600 words
  2. APA Formatting