discussion question 5 6 sentences

discussion question 5 6 sentences.

Many Greeks of Aristotle’s day believed that good character was a more reliable form of proof than was physical evidence. The reasoning behind this preference, apparently, was that it is much easier to fake physical evidence than it is good character. What do you think of this view of the relative reliability of physical evidence, which Aristotle treats as an inartistic proof about which he has little to say, and good character, which he makes perhaps the most important and persuasive of the three artistic proofs?


Post one initial reply consisting of 5-6 quality sentences and two substantive, quality replies to other students that responds fully to their initial posts. Remember in your reply to offer insight and feedback to the student’s post.

For example: That is a really interesting response to this discussion. I wonder, have you considered that there was maybe a cultural interference with that interaction? I understand why you perceived the situation the way you did, but just to get more of an understanding, maybe we could see it from the other person’s perspective. Just like it is said in the text, our cultural backgrounds influence our interactions so much! It’d be interesting to see what role, if any, that played in this interaction.

discussion question 5 6 sentences