discussion questions 717

Use the powerpoint attached as a resource for the following discussion questions. Each answer should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences. Please answer in complete sentences.

Blood Administration

We have a 40-year-old patient who is anemic. related to a gastric bleed. They are stable but still needs a transfusion of Red packed blood cells because of hemoglobin of 6.9. The blood bank has called and notified you that the blood is ready to be picked up. Answer the following questions?

1) Before we administer a blood product what are the steps the nurse needs to do?

2) With another RN when the nurse is about to administer the blood, what needs to be verified before the infusion begins?

3) What is the rationale for flushing the line with NS before administration of the blood?

4) What is the rationale for infusing the blood slowly for the first 15 minutes?

5) The patient begins complaining of chills and headache after 10 minutes of the infusion and their temp is 101.2. What kind of a reaction is this?

6) What does the nurse need to do because of the reaction?


1) What are the differences in Levoquin, Penicillin, Erythromycin, Doxycycline and their effects on different organisms and give examples?