discussion questions week one

The following questions are to be answered with a minimum of 500 words each. Please include references for each question or a minimum of 3 references. Add the complete reference used after each response. There is no need to include a reference page.

(1) Why study Management? What do you find to be most interesting? How does this new information shape your lives?

Case: Target CEO Works to Regain Consumer Trust after the Company was Hacked (Copy Attached)

(2) From a management perspective, do you think Target made any mistakes? Justify your answer.

(3) Which of the four principal managerial functions were exhibited by CEO Greg Steinhafel and describe he seven managerial challenges Target is facing. Discuss how Target is handling these challenges.

(4) What is your evaluation of Steinhafel’s ability to effectively execute the three key managerial roles – interpersonal, information, and decision?

(5) If you were a consultant to Target, what advice would you give to senior management about handling a crisis like this?