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At my most recent job, they had a poor process for reporting HR issues. We could only take our problems to our employer, so frequently I was either concerned to report an issue, or told that my issue was fake. Some of my co-workers had issues with how to discuss, and speak to women. For some time I was the only woman in the office, so I frequently became the subject of inappropriate, often harassing discussions. When I would bring these issues to my employer, I was frequently disregarded since I was the only employee that reported issues (likely since I was the only woman). The process was as follows:

  1. Employee witnessed an issue that warranted reporting.
  2. Employee personal messaged employer asking to speak to them in their office.
  3. Employer verbally called for the employee to enter their office.
  4. Employee discussed issues.
  5. Employer offered response as to wether the employee’s concern was valid.
  6. Employer signaled that the conversation was over and to leave their office.

I would like to see this process to change because it caused shame to enter their office, it caused nervousness to discuss issue, and it caused reporting issues to be extremely rare as result.

An information system could greatly assist this process if the employer is to continue being the one who hears interoffice issues. A type of information system that would aid this process is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). According to an article on information systems that assist HR issues, “depending on the type of HRIS software, it should generate various reports, provide ad hoc reporting capabilities and offer HR analytics” (Rouse, 2019). This HRIS could allow for anonymity, and confidence when reporting offenses. Five requirements that the system would need to have are:

  • The system must allow for employees to report offenses.
  • The system must allow for offenses to be reported anonymously if the employee prefer.
  • The system must only allow the employer to see the reports made.
  • The system must allow the employer to save reports.
  • The system must allow the employer to organize reports topically.

These requirements are written in a way that satisfies the requirements for a properly written requirement. The sentiment, “employers should be able to topically organize reports” has been written in proper requirement format, and reads, “The system must allow the employer to organize reports topically.”

These requirements would allow for employees to report problems without shame and nervousness. The employee could choose wether or not to attach their name to an issue, allowing individuals to report issues that have the potential to be shameful or disregarded. It would eliminate the judgement of the severity of a report based on who reported it. In my case, I would not have been disregarded based on who I am. The capabilities of the system to keep, and organize reports would allow the employer to see how many reports had been made about a specific issue. The problems with the “as-is” process caused me to leave the job. I had grown weary of enduring the inappropriate discussions, then disregarded when I attempted to speak up about the issues.


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