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Hi Class,

Earlier we learned about the Requirements and developing requirements for an IT system, where we learned many requirements along with examples. And that system performance criteria helps determined how the system is configured, how it can operate and when it used and what is the user’s experience. There are number of requirements for system performance, here I would like to discuss the requirement called “Maintainability”. The term is characterized as a probability of successfully performing a restoration action within a timeline, in other words, “Maintainability” tests how simple and fast a device can be restored to operating system in case failure occurs. It is alike “reliability Analysis System”, with the exception that time to repair, rather than time to failure is the random variable of interest in the “Maintainability Analysis”.

The above mentioned system is very crucial in the process of hiring because this analysis helps to assess the required time. Through this system many things can be identified and reduced, such as cost, time, and what to maintain or not. And by this it can be also assessed the condition in which an individual can perform task. Work can be perform more quickly if one can observed what one is performing.


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