disscussion boared 6

In this final discussion post, we will be discussing nursing leaders. I have posted an article in week 14 that talks about importance of nursing leadership in a thriving healthcare environment. Nurses need education to be influential, but also they need qualities of a nursing leader.

According to an article by Ducharme, Bernhardt, Padula, and Adams (2017), influential nurse leaders use evidence-based research and data to influence key stakeholders. Nurse leaders develop the confidence and competence to advocate for resources in an environment where executive success is often measured by cost reduction and optimal patient outcomes and can document the impact nurses have on both quality and cost (Ducharme et al., 2017).

What qualities, besides the ability to save the boss money, does a nurse need to be influential today? Write a post (at least 250 words) about a nursing leader. Define what a leader is to you and talk about a nursing leader that has made an impact in history. It can be about someone we have discussed in class, alive or deceased, or another nurse, perhaps a theorist or activist. Find a source to back up your discussion, cite the source in your post. I have provided an example of what an in text citation should look like as well as what the APA reference should look like. Please also respond to two peers (at least 150 words).

This post is worth 50 points. Due May 4th. There is a final rubric available in the assignments tab labeled DB#6 Rubric.


Ducharme, M., Bernhardt, J., Padula, C., & Adams, J. (2017). Leader influence, the professional practice environment, and nurse engagement in essential nursing practice. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 47(7/8), 367-375. Doi:10.1097/NNA.0000000000000497