documenting interventions via progress note

documenting interventions via progress note.

Look at the PowerPoint that was uploaded and follow the direction of the other uploaded documents to complete assignment. The Power Point case study is the client

Various Social Work documentation styles are used to capture client-social work interactions such as SOAP notes, DAP notes, and BIRP notes.

Upload three Progress Note documentation styles below (1 SOAP, 1 DAP, and 1 BIRP note to complete the progress note assignment of an interaction you have had with a current client from your field placement. The notes should be completed in one Word document and submission with the heading above it indicating the Note style. The BIRP note checklist should be used to evaluate if you have captured all required components of the note but the BIRP note itself should be written in the same heading and format style as a DAP note as indicated by the headings below, DO NOT SUBMIT THE BIRP NOTE CHECKLIST as the Note.

SOAP notes

Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan (S.O.A.P.):

  1. Subjective- document the client’s own observations.
  2. Objective- what does provider perceive?
  3. Assessment- write about client progress
  4. Plan- document changes, additions, and revisions to care plan

BIRP notes

Behavior, Intervention, Response, Plan (B.I.R.P):

B-Behavior includes Social work Observation and client statements

I-Intervention social worker used to address goals, objectives, observations, and clients statements.

R-Response of client to intervention, Treatment plan goals and objectives

P-Plan that documents next steps for client.

DAP notes

Description/Data, Assessment, Plan (D.A.P):

D – Data – a factual description of the session. It generally comprises 2/3 of the body of the note and includes information about the general content and process of the session.

A – Assessment – an evaluation by the therapist of current status and progress toward meeting treatment goals.

P – Plan – Statements about what will happen next.

documenting interventions via progress note