Does absences in school affects students SAT score

PSY 460 Experimental Psychology Midterm Exam Instructions: You will be attempting to analyze 2 separate studies with 2 sets of data. As in class, you must havefor each analysis a title page, Introduction with 5 citations, a purpose and hypothesis, Method section, Result section, a Discussion section and figures and tables all in APA format. Please upload 4 documents into Canvas: APA complete paper for Multiple Regression Analysis SPSS Data and output tables for multiple regression analysis APA complete paper for One-Sample t-test analysis SPSS data and output tables for t-test analysis Multiple Regression Data was collected to see if overall absences in high school and a student’s SAT score were good predictors of their overall mean exam grade in in college. Use the data below to compute a multiple regression analysis. As in lab 4 you must include the overall R2 and statistic for the Multiple Regression, the individual predictors’ statistic, and the overall % that the predictors contribute to the Mean Exam Grade. Student Absences SAT MEAN EXAM GRADE 1 4 620 82 2 2 750 98 3 2 500 76 4 3 520 68 5 1 540 84 6 0 690 99 7 4 590 67 8 8 490 58 9 7 450 50 10 3 560 78 One Sample t-test A faculty member wanted to find out if her class had a higher IQ from the national average of 100. She was able to get permission to obtain their IQ score from the student records. Below is the IQ scores of all of the students in the class. You need to conduct a one-sample t-test to determine if her class is significantly smarter than the average IQ. Make sure in the results section to include the mean and SD of the class and the national average. You must also include the t-test statistic as you did in the last lab.