East Asia and the Socialist Experience

A 6 page (minimum) essay based on a primary source(s) read for class (a book or documents) within ONE of the traditions: Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia or Vietnam. In your paper, you will need to contextualize the book or documents in the history that we have learned from the textbook, articles, lectures and/or documentaries. Be sure to cite your references. Select from one of the following: China: Sources of Chinese Tradition Japan: Sources of Japanese Tradition Korea: Documents on Korean Communism OR Kim Il Song: Selected Works Mongolia: Owen Lattimore’s Nomads and Commissars Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh: Selected Speeches, 1920-1967 OR Novel without a Name Some questions to consider (only suggestions): What were the developments within the country regarding the socialist/communist movement? How does the source relate to the international communist movement? What does the book or document say about socialist revolution in that country? What were the problems or issues to overcome? How does the source conflict with or support Marx? What about nationalism? All papers should be analytical as well as descriptive. Style, syntax, writing form, and organization are all considered in the grading of papers.