Easton’s Input-Output Model

Easton’s Input-Output Model Subject: Political Science Pick any combination of the following projects is OK: ¢ Radio Broadcast: Listen to one of the following programs and analyze the issue(s) discussed using Easton’s Input-Output Model of Politics. Check the websites for program times. o KPFK 90.7 FM (www.kpfk.org) o Democracy Now o Radio Nation o Counterspin o KCRW 89.9 FM (www.kcrw.org) o Left, Right and Center o To The Point ¢ Political Meetings: Attend a city council, county board of supervisors, school or college district, student government, homeowners association or other political meeting. Analyze the policymaking using the Easton’s Input-Output Model of Politics. Attach a copy of the agenda to your paper. ¢ Political Participation: Write analysis of a political event in which you have taken part, such as a demonstration, campaign, debate, fundraiser, speech, lecture, symposiumor student government. Using Easton’s Input-Output Model must answer the following questions: 1. What is Easton’s Model, why are you using it and how are you using it? 2. What inputs were addressed in this meeting/activity/reading? 3. What outputs were addressed in this meeting/activity/reading? 4. What feedback was addressed in this meeting/activity/reading? 5. What was the most important thing you learned about politics based in this activity?

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