eco two readings response each 150 200 words

As we discussed in class, please submit two responses to two separate readings (one

response for each reading) from “Economics is Everywhere”. Each response should be 150-

200 words for a total of 300-400 words. Please submit this on one Word document. I do

not want two separate documents. I have set up a Dropbox in Canvas for you to submit

your response. Please make sure your name is on the Word document itself as well as the

file name.

Please note: If you do not have access to “Economics is Everywhere”, you can develop

your own case by selecting an economics problem from the news, internet, or your

own experience. Even if you have the book, you can use this option if you prefer. The

only difference is that you may need to use more words to describe the case, perhaps

another 25-50 words for each case.

Please identify the case by the case number (for example, 5.3) and provide a very brief

summary of the case. No need to provide case details since I know the case number. You

must use the 5


edition. Identify the case question(s) and respond with your answer. You

should use the economics concepts you learned in the course and explain how they apply to

the problem.

The due date for the essay is Sunday, April 26, 11:59pm. Please deposit the Word file in the

DropBox in Canvas under modules. The essay is worth 5% of your final grade.

Essays submitted late will have a 50% reduction in the grade. Do not submit your essay as a

text file. If the file is not submitted as a Word file, there will be a 25% reduction in the grade.

The responses will be graded using the following rubric:

Application of economic concepts to the response: 25%

Sentence structure, diction 25%

Organization, clarity of thought, logic and reasoning: 25%

Grammar, spelling, punctuation: 25%

Scale used:

5 – Outstanding (A)

4 – Above average (B)

3 – Average (C)

2 – Below Average (D)

1 – Unacceptable (F)

If you are not fully confident in your writing skill, I strongly suggest that you take your draft

version and review it with someone from the Student Success Center. Also, please consult

the website

for additional guidance is preparing your

response. Make sure you read your draft version out loud at least twice and edit before

submitting for a grade.